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  • IMM Habana project
    IMM Habana project


     IMM Habana project  Beirut Lebanon

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  • Why Updating to Video Intercom is the Most Important Decision
    Why Updating to Video Intercom is the Most Important Decision


    1.Video intercom increase safety while crime is rising     One reason why it is a good idea to update your security system to video intercom is the rising levels of crime. No one expects to be the next victim of vandalism, thievery, or even murder. Yet, each of these crimes is rampant on the daily news. An easy solution to this very real fear is to update your security system to video intercom. Our video intercom systems can provide the peace of mind your family and employees desperately need. As crime rates rise, updating your security system to video intercom equips you with safety. 2.Video intercom offers convenience for larger homes and properties     Another motivation to update your security system to video intercom is the convenience the systems provide for larger homes and properties. Since it would be impractical to station security guards at every entrance of a large building, consider updating your security system to video intercom to provide quality security for your building. 3.Visible video cameras deter theft and vandalism Yet another reason to update your security system to video intercom is the well-known fact that criminals are deterred by visible door cameras. Thieves, vandals, and other offenders will know how serious you are about protecting your property when they observe that you have updated your security system to video intercom. Video monitors are intimidating to criminals because the likelihood of their getting caught rises significantly. If criminals dare to break into your property after you have updated your security system to video intercom, the option of recorded footage will greatly assist in catching the offenders. There are many other reasons.As you contemplate updating your security system to video intercom, consider the above reasons as a motivation to get started today. Our staff is equipped to readily answer any questions or concerns you have about our video intercom systems.

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  • What are the Convenience of the Video Intercom System for Family Life?
    What are the Convenience of the Video Intercom System for Family Life?


    1. Remote monitoring          The function of video intercom is not only reach the visitors situation, it also has the monitor function of the management center to monitor the situation outside the house. For example, someone walked in front of the camera, the server will automatically record to the local computer. 2.Sent information           The use of community server integration, the information between the various households can be transmitted to each other, so that the exchange between the neighborhood is more convenient. For example, we often need to find neighbors to help us in our daily life, but we do not know neighbors are at home or not. You can directly through our video intercom system to send information, and it can also communicate with the neighborhood in time to avoid the trouble of the doors.          In addition to this, the community system can also push weather, traffic conditions information to each indoor unit. This makes it easy for users to make a comprehensive understanding of the weather, traffic conditions and destination of the day before going out. 3. Smart home Home appliances switching control has been very simple including LCD TV, intelligent electric control refrigerator, automatic washing machine, etc. But we also lack a collection of systems to control them. You can achieve a key control with the intercom system. It makes the better for our lives. 4. Multimedia home entertainment It can be said that home entertainment is now an important part of family life, from video games to garden-like cinemas to rooftop swimming pools. Home entertainment is a selling point of villa, high-end building apartment development.          This kind of video intercom system indoor unit impressively has become a hanging tablet computer. It can play a variety of audio and video, electronic text and allow users to check the Internet information, web browsing download. And it also can provide more Internet interactive video games. It takes care of young people’s hobbies.          The video intercom system still protects people’s lives, and it lights up the light for the future of video intercom.

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  • Intercom Systems - Function and Parameter Comparisons
    Intercom Systems - Function and Parameter Comparisons


    As people's living standard continually improves, audio intercom system, not connected to the internet, is unable to meet users’ requirements. Digital video intercom system use advanced technologies such as communications, computers and self-control to design and build a smart system. Through effective information transmission network, system optimization configuration and comprehensive application, digital video intercom system provides residents with advanced security, information service, property management and other functions, to create a comprehensive service system for communication between residents and residents, residents and community management center, residents and the outside world, etc. Category Items Analog Video Intercom Digital Video Intercom Hardware CPU Serial 51 SCM GM8126(ARM9)/ HI3510 FLASH - 16M Memory - 128M Video Card (Resolution) 480X320 800X480 Video Codec - MPEG4 Audio Codec DTMF ADPCM AV/TV/USB Interface - Yes Software Operating System - Linux Operation Interface - Mini GUI Operation Modes Traditional Mechanical keypad Complicated Operation Full Touch Screen Operation Intuitive and Fast Intercom Intercom Between Apartments - VOIP Busy Line Yes - Monitor Yes(Only for one household use) Yes(Multi-family use at the same time) Multimedia Message Service Limited to Text Release Support Text and Picture Release Leave Message No or Only Outdoor Unit Both Outdoor Unit and Indoor Unit Digital Photo Frame - Yes Video Playing - Yes Exposure - Yes Alarming Function Individual Defense Area Disarming - Yes 485 Interface - Yes Call 911 - Yes Alarm Recording - Yes Alarm Record Send to E-mail - Yes Emergency Alarm Yes Yes Household Appliances Control Household Appliances Control - Lighting and Electric Appliances Control Network Appliance Control - Control Household Appliances by Computer, Mobile Phone, etc. Engineering and Maintenance Transmission General Line System TCP/IP Network Image Remote Transmission within 300 Meters No Distance Limit Wiring Method No unified standard Network Generic Cabling,Standard Wiring Method Capacity of Resisting Disturbance Vulnerable to Environmental Interference Free From Interference Remote Maintenance Repair Remote Upgrade Maintenance Function Extension Replace or Add Hardware Software Upgrading

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  • LEELEN Won the 2017 China’s Top 500 Real Estate Development Enterprise Preferred Supplier
    LEELEN Won the 2017 China’s Top 500 Real Estate Development Enterprise Preferred Supplier


    March 22nd, “2017 China Real Estate Top 500 Evalution Results Conference And Top 500 Commit” grandly held in beijing. The meeting released the eighth “China Top 500 Real Estate Development Enterprise Evalution Report” and “2017 China Top 500 Real Estate Development Enterprise Preferred Supplier And Servicer Provider Brand Evalution Report”, LEELEN stand out from the numbers of manufacturers, and for six consecutive to be the preferred building intercom supplier for the China top 500 real estate enterprise. And for the first time won the intelligent home preferred supplier. 2017 China Real Estate Top 500 Evalution Results Conference and Top 500 Commit held by the China Real Estate Association and China Real Estate Evalution Center, and has been carried out for 8 consecutive years. The evaluation seeks to evaluate the real estate suppliers and service providers with strong competitiveness through scientific and impartial, objective and authoritative evaluation index system and evaluation methods. It is regarded as the "Oscar" festival in the real estate and industrial chain. It’s reported that in the evaluation process, in order to get scientific,fair,objective, authoritative evaluation results, set up a evaluation expert advisory group, and held on-site assessment on January 14 beijing station, February 17 Shanghai station, February 24 Nanjing station, March 3 Guangzhou station. During this time, received a total of 504 enterprises application form, a total of 43637439 million internet voting,104 procurement practitioners on-site score,1637 procurement practitioners to accept the survey samping review. Once again won the "China's top 500 real estate development enterprises preferred supplier" title, is the great recognition and encouragement the opposition to establish a good image of LEELEN, in the ever-changing technology era, LEELEN will always uphold the pragmatic and enterprising, continue to product the high quality products ,and work together with partners win-win situation.

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