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System Overview

L8 Intercom System is the high-efficient, intelligent, perfect and personalized intercom system that gathering LeeLen more than 20 years’ experience in R&D and Manufacture with new technology, optimized design and innovative software.

The system is based on the hardware platform of SM5912 single-chip microcomputer processor. It realizes two-way audio and video real-time transmission, security alarm control, visitor pictures, information release (personal information and public information), register user card, swipe card operation, fault detection and multi-task operation. It also can be connected with the remote PC operation, through the IP converter to achieve semi-IP system operating functions.


Bus-system Wiring Mode;

Realize Video Intercom Function by using normal cable;

Two-way Intercom Function;

Barrier-free call function within system;

Quick call function;

Induction card unlock, Password unlock and remote control unlock function;

Extendable outdoor unit and indoor unit.

Outstanding Features

Large System Capacity

The system unit user capacity can be up to 3000 households; storage unit user card number up to 50,000 pcs.


Single-user delete function

Administrator can use single-user delete function when cancelling a single user.


Flash Chip Erase Function

All the user information in the system unit can be deleted.


Convenient to browsing information   and image

When users need to view information or images, user can enter the number directly to view the specified information or images. Easy to operate.


Transmission with network cable

Reduce the cost by using network cable to connect terminal short. Use RJ-45 for connector, easy to DIY.


Single Data Cable to Communicate

L8 system use single data cable to send and receive data to reduce cable material.


Set Dialing Mode Personally

User can set his/her favorite dialing mode with indoor unit according to his/her habit.


Intelligence Amplification Function

L8 system has the audio and video intelligence amplification function. When the system is working, it will only amplify the audio and video signal for the way which is on. It will reduce energy consumption and increase the system capacity.

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