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XIAMEN LEELEN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. has been specializing in researching, producing and selling intelligent security management system and network products as a high technology enterprise for several years. After 20 years of development, Leelen now owns more than 10 subsidiaries: LEELEN Electric Control Technology Co., Ltd, LEELEN Intelligent Network Co., Ltd, Safe-House Electronics Co., Ltd, LEELEN Injection Factory, LEELEN SMT Factory, LEELEN Mould Plant and so on. LEELEN has 1200 employees around, 21.8K square meters of manufacturing and office area which turns out a year-throughput about 2 million pcs. LEELEN has a top position in the domestic intercom industry, who set up research centers both in Xiamen and Beijing with 200 R&D Engineers who obtained Undergraduate or above Undergraduate degree with energetic technical innovation. It is the unique enterprise in intercom industry that awarded “Innovation Product Award”. LEELEN has a strong marketing-net for it owns 37 branches around China. It has a unique feature in the industry with its service hotline: 95105895, a perfect system for pre-sale, in-sale and post-sale service. The marketing share and sales production of LEELEN are in the top positions in domestic intercom industry for several years. LEELEN is the first enterprise certificated with ISO9001 and ISO14000 in Intercom System; passed the “Enterprise Standardization System AAA Grade”; got “Adopting International Standard Product Marking Certificate”; the unique enterprise in the intercom system who rewarded “Excellent Management”; a chief drafter of national standard GB50348-2004 and industrial standard GA/T-72-2005; the vice president of CSPIA and DCN; the excellent quality management enterprise that honored as “ Quality & Credit AAA Grade” enterprise; Certificated as “Continuous Qualification in Quality Inspection Y1996~Y2006” enterprise; the first company awarded “Fujian Top Brand” and “Fujian Famous Trademark” in Fujian, the top enterprise in the domestic intercom industry. All those products come in complete, advanced models that guarantee stable performance, and some of them have been exported to the United States, Europe, and south-east countries of Asia.

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Xiamen Leelen Technology Co.,Ltd.
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Welcome to IFSEC INDIA  2019
Welcome to IFSEC INDIA 2019 Exhibition Date :2019-12-19 to 2019-12-21

Address: India Expo Centre

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  • LEELEN won the "Top 500 Supplier of China's Real Estate Development Enterprises" for ten consecutive years
    LEELEN won the
    On March 18, the top 500 summits that have received much industry attention over the years were held online, and the "2020 China Real Estate Development Enterprises Top 500 Evaluation Report" and "2020 China Real Estate Development Enterprises Top 500 Preferred Supplier Service Provider Brand Evaluation Report" Also announced. With excellent product quality and service capabilities, LEELEN has won the top supplier brand of China's top 500 real estate companies in the two categories of building intercom and smart home. Ten years of glory and excellence As one of the earliest building intercom enterprises in China, after years of precipitation and development, LEELEN has become a leading enterprise in building intercom industry, and has been selected as the top supplier brand of China's top 500 real estate companies for ten consecutive years. Recently, the LEELEN intelligent building apartment (visual) intercom system is the first to pass the EMC test of the Ministry of Public Security! In this test, the LEELEN intelligent building apartment (visual) intercom system showed higher than the test standards in terms of electromagnetic immunity, continuous conduction disturbance, continuous radiation disturbance, and end-to-end audio delay of the system. Excellent performance. Since the 1990s, LEELEN has successively set up branches directly under the country to provide users with complete pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services, and has obtained well-known real estate development companies including Evergrande, Vanke, Country Garden, Sunac Recognized. Keep up with the times, smart innovation As an innovative enterprise, building develops in response to changes in needs and human settlements. Affected by the epidemic, community prevention and control became the key link in the epidemic, and how to ensure safety and health has become the highest demand. To this end, building urgently launched a smart and safe community outbreak prevention and control solution to help community outbreak prevention and control. Among them, the newly listed all-in-one face recognition infrared temperature measuring machine supports face recognition, mask detection, body temperature detection, abnormal voice alarm and other functions, which truly realizes  non-inductive passage ,guarantees safety, reduces the workload of property personnel, and reduces the risk of face-to-face contact infection . The China Real Estate Top 500 Evaluation Activity is co-sponsored by the China Real Estate Association, Shanghai E-House Real Estate Research Institute, and China Real Estate Evaluation Center. The evaluation method, which evaluates the real estate supplier and service provider brand with high annual market share and excellent reputation, has become a must-have reference for the real estate industry to understand the market and judge market trends. This honorary title was obtained again, which is the industry's recognition of LEELEN's strength and the basis for the continuou... Date :2020-04-07
  • LEELEN security-type intelligent building (visual) intercom system passed the inspection by the Ministry of Public Security for the first time!
    LEELEN security-type intelligent building (visual) intercom system passed the inspection by the Ministry of Public Security for the first time!
    Recently, the security-type intelligent building apartment (visual) intercom system launched by LEELEN successfully passed the "National Security Guard Alarm System Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Shanghai)" and "Ministry of Public Security Security Guard Alarm System Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center". The test has become the first company to pass the requirements of this standard since the implementation of GB / T 31070.2-2018 "Building-Communication Intercom System Part 2: Technical Requirements for All Digital Systems" since July 1, 2019. As the first company to pass the test of the intelligent building apartment (visual) intercom system, LEELEN has been focusing on the R & D and application of building apartment intercom for more than 20 years. The technology of building apartment intercom has been greatly precipitated and developed In this test, LEELEN security-type intelligent building apartment (visual) intercom system has electromagnetic immunity, conducted continuous disturbance, radiated continuous disturbance, system end-to-end audio delay, echo suppression, and system end-to-end audio conversion time. , Image resolution, video frame rate, video delay, lip synchronization, ETC, showing superior performance than the test standard requirements. The full name of EMC is Electro Magnetic Compatibility, which is defined as "the ability of equipment and systems to work normally in their electromagnetic environment and not to constitute unsustainable electromagnetic disturbance to anything in the environment". The successful passing of the EMC-MSTL test certification strongly confirmed the safety, stability and reliability of the intercom products of LEELEN Tower. In the future development, LEELEN will continue to innovate, give full play to its core technical advantages in the field of intercom, assist the standardized development of the industry, and actively contribute more power to product innovation and market application! Product Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center of Security Prevention and Alarm System, Ministry of Public Security The National Institute of Security and Alarm System Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Shanghai), the Third Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, was established on the basis of the Ministry of Public Security and Security Alarm System Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, authorized by the National Certification and Accreditation Administration, An inspection institution that has passed the metrological certification and the accreditation of the National Laboratory Accreditation Committee of China. The Third Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security is mainly engaged in network security and intelligent police scientific research innovation and technical support. It has long-term accumulation in research fields such as intelligent sensing of police information, safe sharing of police data, and moni... Date :2020-04-01
  • We are Ready! LEELEN Safe Return to Work and Fight to the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia
    We are Ready! LEELEN Safe Return to Work and Fight to the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia
    As one of the first batch of enterprises to resume work, Leelen actively responded to government policies and requirements, made full preparations before the resumption of work, and specific implementation in accordance with the "work plan for prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia" urgently issued by the company, so as to ensure the safety of employees and normal production operation. People and vehicles control, closed management All personnel entering the company must strictly abide by the standards of epidemic prevention, wear masks, measuring body temperature and verify their identity. Except company vehicles and logistics vehicles, other vehicles are not allowed to enter the factory. Temperature check, record information Temperature measuring station are set up at each entrance of the park, and staff health examination, temperature detection and hand disinfection are performed daily by specials. Every afternoon, the temperature of the staff was monitored again, timely detection, timely measures were taken to prevent the spread of the epidemic. Set up the "employee health file" to record employees' temperature, return date, transportation and other information at any time, and monitor them at any time. Disinfection frequently, enhancing regular hygienic cleaning Organize disinfection and epidemic prevention work, daily disinfection and epidemic prevention of office space, production workshop, canteen, corridor, toilet and other public places, equipment, to ensure safe production. At the entrance of the company and exhibition hall, sanitizer for hand washing should be placed. Set meal boxes, masks and special bins for daily garbage at fixed points to reduce secondary pollution through classification management and timely cleaning. Strengthen publicity Carry out a series of publicity like concise publicity stickers and rolling screens, post and broadcast the tips of epidemic prevention and health knowledge in the obvious areas at the entrance, at the entrance of the exhibition hall, stairs and walkways and other public areas, so as to improve employees' awareness of epidemic prevention and strengthen self-prevention. Public areas, strictly controlled Keep windows open in meeting rooms, offices and other dense places. Ventilation shall be conducted at least twice each day in the afternoon, each time not less than 20 minutes. Teleconferencing, online training Avoid personnel gathering, minimize the organization of related activities and meetings, use communication tools to solve problems online. At present, the epidemic prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia is still severe.in the future, Leelen will continue to comply with the government's requirements during the work, and to carry out the responsibility of control of the epidemic to every link such as the enterprise's resumption of work, so as to resolutely win the battle of the epidemic. Trust science, trust the government, will be able to overcome the e... Date :2020-03-04
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