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  • The Xiamen Smart Home Industry Alliance was Established!
    The Xiamen Smart Home Industry Alliance was Established!


    Under the guidance of the Xiamen Municipal Government, LEELEN joint GOLDHOME, MEIYA PICO, Shanghai ESSE Semiconductor Technology, Bestter(Xiamen) Technology, etc. formally established the Xiamen Smart Home Industry Alliance (hereinafter referred to as “the Alliance”.) On January 23, the first meeting of the Xiamen Smart Home Industry Alliance was officially held. Many well-known smart home enterprises gathered to jointly seek the future development of the alliance, which caused great concern in the industry. The members of the alliance are all from different fields of the smart home industry, and they play different roles to jointly promote the growth of the smart home industry in Xiamen. Under the recommendation of the members of the alliance, Chen Xuli, the chairman of LEELEN, became the vice president of the Alliance Council and will guide the work of the alliance and promote the development of the smart home industry. Chen Xuli said that the alliance brought together enterprises in all aspects of the smart home industry chain, and make the ecological life product industry chain moved to the industrial ecological chain through cooperation, greatly enhancing the user experience. During the meeting, members of the alliance said that smart home is a new field, and the ability of a company is far from enough. Now is the era of cooperation and win-win, gather people and strengthen cooperation, and have a better breakthrough in smart products and innovative technologies. The strong cooperation of many smart homes companies in Xiamen is of great significance to the development of Xiamen’s smart home industry. In the future, LEELEN will join hands with alliance members to make Xiamen smart home industry have a place in China and even in the world.

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  • “China Security” Feature Article|The Development and Application of Smart Home in the Construction of Smart City
    “China Security” Feature Article|The Development and Application of Smart Home in the Construction of Smart City


    The article was written by Wang Yuanchun, deputy dean of LEELEN the Institute of IoT, was published in the “China Security” magazine No.156 in the form of a feature article. “China Security”, founded in 2006, is sponsored by the CSPIA (China Security & Protection Industry Association) and the Institute of Science and Technology Information of the Ministry of Public Security. It is one of the authoritative magazines in China’s security industry. 01 The development status of smart home Smart Home is a residential platform that integrates home-related facilities with integrated wiring, network communication, security protection, automatic control, artificial intelligence, etc. to build an efficient management system which consists of residential facilities and family agenda, enhance home security, convenience, comfort, and artistry and achieves an environmental protection and energy-saving living environment. According to the Prospective Industry Research Institute, the compound growth rate of China’s smart home market in the next five years (2017-2021) is about 48.12%, and the market size will reach 436.9 billion yuan in 2021. Analysys predicts that the market scale will reach 180 billion yuan with the building of main smart home system platform and big data service platform, the maturing downstream equipment manufacturers, smart home products accepted by the consumer market. Although the estimates are different, China’s smart home market has gradually become the focus of the global smart home market growth. Current smart home achievable functions include lighting control, door and window control, HVAC control, household appliance control, audio and video control, safety protection, environmental testing, health monitoring, energy management, etc. which cover all aspects of home life. Human-computer interaction has many ways: panel interaction, voice interaction, mobile APP interaction, etc. Thanks to the mature application of artificial intelligence such as speech recognition, fingerprint recognition, face recognition and so on, the user experience of smart home products can be greatly improved. In the face of such a huge smart home market, the business model and profit space of Internet enterprises are based on big data, and the form of data acquisition is realized through smart home products. Users are not only the users of smart home products but also the producers of home data and even Internet content. 02 the function and influence of smart home in the construction of smart city With the rapid development of China’s economy, the urbanization process continues to advance, the urban population is growing rapidly, and the scale of the city is expanding. The super-large cities have brought problems in management, life, and even ecology. It urgently needs to improve resource utilization efficiency, urban management level and people’s quality of lives through the construction of smart cities. As the most basic component of the city, the family ...

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  • LEELEN Comprehensive Ranking First In The Intercom Industry in China
    LEELEN Comprehensive Ranking First In The Intercom Industry in China


    “2017 China’s Real Estate Industry Chain Strategic Innovation Summit and China Real Estate Industry Chain Annual Ceremony” was grandly hold in Beijing on the 20th,Dec and the “2017 China Real Estate Industry Chain Strategic Integrity Supplier Researcher Report” was grandly announced at the meeting. According to this report, LEELEN comprehensive ranking first in the intercom system industry in China. It reflects the approval and trust of LEELEN as intercom system supplier in this industry. LEELEN will continuous to provide our customer with best products and services in the future. The reason why we can get this ranking because we are always focus on the technology developing and quality of our products as well as the service for our customers in the past 20 years. LEELEN will make any progress step by step, we will remember our mission ”Let people live in five-star home” forever. In the future, LEELEN will keep committing to provide users with the whole smart home, smart community solution. We will continuous to cultivate, increase scientific research input, we will try our best to improve satisfaction for our new and old customer. All of our achievement is based on the mutual benefit with our customer.

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  • Digital Video Intercom System
    Digital Video Intercom System


    Digital Video Intercom System completely adopts TCP/IP technology for all Indoor Units, Outdoor Units, Guard Units, etc. Combined with the latest digital audio and video compression technology, DSP technology, streaming media and IPV6 network transmission technology to realize the system functions, there is no need intermediate devices to connect the Internet, which improves the system networking stability, decreases the cost of wiring, and at the same time, it is simple and convenient to maintain the system. Main advantages of Digital Video Intercom System - are in the following aspects: Simple in wiring: since Digital Video Intercom System adopts TCP/IP technology to transmit sound, data and video images,one internet cable can solve all problems,which greatly simplify the wiring project. In this case, the installation and debugging of the building intercom system become simple, and the construction cycle is also greatly reduced. Powerful networking function: the indoor unit in Digital Video Intercom System is like a small computer, which not only has high-performance CPU, but also has DSP digital processing chip. Powerful data processing ability makes networking capability stronger, and it is convenient to integrate with other security subsystems. Good expandability: IP networking is highly extensible, which can not only realize the function of video intercom, but also can realize the functions of multimedia information transmission, broadcasting, security alarm, smart home, IP video phone, VOD, video monitoring, and value-added service, etc. Long distance transmission: digital video intercom system, based on TCP/IP technology, has no distance limit. Therefore, low cost remote transmission can be realized. Low comprehensive cost:"New technology means high prices and new products are more expensive than traditional products”. Is it always true? Actually, from the perspectives of installation, debugging and wiring, TCP/IP technology reduces an amount of investment. At the same time, Digital Video Intercom System shorten the construction period,which saves much wire and personnel costs. Therefore, Digital Video Intercom System has more advantages on cost.

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  • The Perfect Building Intercom System Solution Can Protect Communities Perfectly
    The Perfect Building Intercom System Solution Can Protect Communities Perfectly


    Building intercom systems can be used in high-rise residential, apartment buildings inside and outside. It can also transfer information between users, control security doors and so on. In an emergency, the user can alert the property center through the intercom system equipment. It has a fully functional, reliable performance, large capacity, and beautiful shape. And it is easy and convenient to install. Besides, it is well received by many users, and it has been widely used in safe living area. The system mainly consists of outdoor unit, indoor unit, power supply, electric lock and other equipment. Visitors can easily call and dialogue with the residents through the digital outdoor unit. And the user at home can control the opening and closing of the unit door. The system not only enhances the high-rise residential security work, but also greatly reduce many unnecessary troubles of up and down the stairs The property management center can monitor the work of the intercom system by managing unit. If the entrance door of a residential building is opened illegally, the management unit will send an alarm signal and it will display the contents and location of the alarm. Property management centers and residents can contact each other by the system, which is safer for living.

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  • Why Updating to Video Intercom is the Most Important Decision
    Why Updating to Video Intercom is the Most Important Decision


    1.Video intercom increase safety while crime is rising     One reason why it is a good idea to update your security system to video intercom is the rising levels of crime. No one expects to be the next victim of vandalism, thievery, or even murder. Yet, each of these crimes is rampant on the daily news. An easy solution to this very real fear is to update your security system to video intercom. Our video intercom systems can provide the peace of mind your family and employees desperately need. As crime rates rise, updating your security system to video intercom equips you with safety. 2.Video intercom offers convenience for larger homes and properties     Another motivation to update your security system to video intercom is the convenience the systems provide for larger homes and properties. Since it would be impractical to station security guards at every entrance of a large building, consider updating your security system to video intercom to provide quality security for your building. 3.Visible video cameras deter theft and vandalism Yet another reason to update your security system to video intercom is the well-known fact that criminals are deterred by visible door cameras. Thieves, vandals, and other offenders will know how serious you are about protecting your property when they observe that you have updated your security system to video intercom. Video monitors are intimidating to criminals because the likelihood of their getting caught rises significantly. If criminals dare to break into your property after you have updated your security system to video intercom, the option of recorded footage will greatly assist in catching the offenders. There are many other reasons.As you contemplate updating your security system to video intercom, consider the above reasons as a motivation to get started today. Our staff is equipped to readily answer any questions or concerns you have about our video intercom systems.

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