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Intelligent Security Technology Exchange Training Conference—Shijiazhuang Station



The 8th “Smart Security Technology Exchange Training Conference” was held in Shijiazhuang. LEELEN was invited to participate and brought high-tech security products and comprehensive solutions.

In recent years, with the continuous maturity of artificial intelligence technology and the continuous expansion of the industrial market, the number of enterprises related to artificial intelligence technology has been increasing, and many enterprises and security equipment manufacturers have begun to pay great attention to the security field. The training aimed at a comprehensive knowledge of artificial intelligence, such as technology and products, as well as the security industry development status and market trend of each year, through this training, security engineering contractor, integrators and around the industry users to share the latest market analysis, focus in the security industry technology and solution, the content including intelligent family, "Internet + security" software development, photoelectric audio and video, intelligent community, sound localization, multimedia information, biometrics, and many other fields.

In the product display area, LEELEN has concentrated on high-tech security products, including smart access control, smart home, smart door locks, and smart communities. Many participants attended the stand of the LEELEN booth to learn more about product knowledge and functions, watch and experience the smart home model. After that, LEELEN will continue to arrive at Taiyuan Station.

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