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Intelligent Security Technology Exchange Training Meeting-- Changsha Station



On July 19, the eighth "Intelligent Security Technology Exchange Training Meeting" in 2019 was held in Changsha. LEELEN presented the latest technical products and solutions of LEELEN products in the community field to the on-site guests in a comprehensive and systematic manner: Such as the application scenarios and success stories of LEELEN smart access control system in the comprehensive management of social security, the functional characteristics and product composition of LEELEN smart home, smart community, and a new experience after the application of artificial intelligence technology.

In the product display area, LEELEN concentrated on the new products with the theme of “Snow Bright Community Solution”, covering smart access control, smart home, smart door lock, smart community and other fields. Many participants attended the booth to learn more about LEELEN's product knowledge and functions, and watched high-performance products with perfect functions, beautiful appearance and practicality.

Next, LEELEN will continue to participate in the two training sessions of Shijiazhuang Station on August 2, 2019 and Taiyuan Station on August 6. At that time, LEELEN warmly welcomes the security friends from Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan and surrounding cities to come to the conference site and talk with LEELEN about the development of smart technology and the latest product solutions.

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