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Leaders of Qilin District, Qujing City, Yunnan Province went to Wenhua Sub-district to conduct research and guide the construction of smart communities



 On April 9th, the leaders of Qilin District, QuJing City, Yunnan Province went to Wenhua Sub-district to conduct a special investigation, and conducted an in-depth inspection of the construction of Wenhua Subdistrict Smart Community, accompanied by relevant persons in charge of the sub-district.

During the field investigation, the research team had a comprehensive understanding of the location, positioning, and functional layout of Wenhua Street, and emphasized the need to focus on promoting the construction of the demonstration project for the modernization of social governance in the municipal area. Informatization management level, create a new social governance model of joint construction, co-governance and sharing.

 It is reported that Fenglin Community of Wenhua Street introduced the LEELEN Ping An Community Solution, which is independently developed by LEELEN and is applicable to the construction and management of smart communities. It is based on the collection of one standard and three real information to realize the unified population, housing and vehicles Management, enhance community property management capabilities, accelerate community information construction, and further enhance the safety protection of community personnel and property.

 In addition, in terms of community closed management, when residents, visitors, and vehicles enter and exit the community, the face recognition guns installed at the entrances and exits of vehicles and vehicles will automatically capture portrait information and upload them to the management platform to ensure that people can follow the signs. At the same time, the data collected by the platform is directly uploaded to the database of the Municipal Public Security Bureau for data comparison. The basic information of the community, household information and personnel access information can be uploaded in real time as needed.

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