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LEELEN Donates Smart Video Intercom Equipment To Aid People's Hospital of Zhengzhou



Facing the epidemic situation of coronavirus, LEELEN actively responded to the country's spirit of " When disaster struck, help came from all sides". With the deployment of LEELEN 's senior leadership, offices across the country responded one after another and up with the local epidemic and medical supplies. This time, LEELEN assisted the medical staff of people’s hospital of Zhengzhou to quickly gather and donate a batch of intelligent video intercom equipment.

LEELEN intelligent video intercom equipment is used in the isolated ward of the hospital. When the doctor puts on protective clothing, gloves, and enters the isolated area, it is not convenient to carry mobile phones, telephones and other communication equipment. Will rely on intercom equipment to achieve. LEELEN intelligent video intercom equipment has greatly improved the communication efficiency of medical staff.

As an expert and leading brand in the building intercom industry, LEELEN is actively developing in the field of intelligent security, and is more concerned about the development of the motherland. Next, LEELEN will continue to pay close attention to the follow-up development of the epidemic, actively respond to national calls, fully fulfill corporate responsibilities, make use of artificial intelligence, big data and other technological advantages, and fully support the epidemic prevention and control in various regions of the country.

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