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LEELEN Joined The China Property Management Institute To Assist Smart Community Construction



Since its establishment, LEELEN has always adhered to the concept of "Let people live in the five-star home", and started to grow gradually. The smart property solution launched by LEELEN has also provided convenience for many property companies. It uses the smart property management cloud service system, which is based on property management and is a management platform for properties, residents, and businesses. Also with Management, mobile office, community business circle, information release, mobile app, and other functions; integrates community intelligent hardware equipment and internal information system of the enterprise, optimizes management through internal information construction of the enterprise, realizes online and offline integrated services, and comprehensively improves service quality-Innovate the service profit model, realize diversified property services, and add value and generate income.

At the same time, LEELEN actively maintained close ties with community properties, actively participated in relevant activities of the Property Association, participated in the "2019 Hubei Smart Property Summit Forum" and won the honor of qualified suppliers. Behind the hard work, the public's recognition is also increasing. Recommended by many LEELEN partners and property management companies, on December 26, 2019, LEELEN was officially approved to become a member of the China Property Management Association after strict inspection by the China Property Management Association. This will greatly help LEELEN to better understand the needs of customers and promote the development of smart communities.

In the construction of a smart community, LEELEN's hard work and dreams never stop. In the future, LEELEN will continue to fully support the various work of the China Property Management Association, and work together with community property through the property management association platform to build a more beautiful and safe smart community.

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