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LEELEN Qingming Festival Holiday Notice



Dear Customer:

The Chinese traditional Qingming Festival is coming. Qingming Festival is a traditional major spring festival. Tomb sweeping and nostalgia for ancestors has been a fine tradition of the Chinese nation for thousands of years. This is not only conducive to promoting filial piety, awakening the family's common memories, but also promoting the cohesion and identity of family members and even the nation. The Qingming Festival is rich in customs and customs. Tomb sacrifice and ancestral worship are the two major etiquette themes of Qingming Festival. These two traditional etiquette themes have been passed down from ancient times in China and continue to this day.

According to the 2020 Qingming Festival holiday notice of the General Office of the State Council of China, our company has made the following arrangements:

From April 4th to 6th, 2020, it will be closed for 3 days. Work normally on April 7.

Warm reminder: If you have an emergency during the holidays, please feel free to contact us .


April 2, 2020

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