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Smart products exhibition in China,unveiled in Urumqi



On July 11th, China's smart security products tour was held in Urumqi. LEELEN was invited to participate in the exhibition and presented with the company's latest technology products and solutions. LEELEN displayed smart access control, smart door lock, digital building intercom system and LuxDomo. For smart home and other products, LEELEN staff patiently explained the design concept, functional characteristics and technical advantages of the company's products for each exhibitor, and displayed the brand strength of LEELEN in a multi-faceted manner, so that the exhibitors have a deeper understanding of LEELEN and its products.

This exhibition introduces the functions, characteristics and product composition of smart families and smart communities, fully presents the latest products and solutions of smart communities, and is committed to the enterprise mission of "let people live in the five-star home"

In 2019, LEELEN brought the latest products and technologies to various city exhibitions, participated in regional security market exchanges, jointly explored the new trend of public safety development, and committed to providing customers with more innovative value and better life experience.

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