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V31S indoor station with IP camera

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Monitor the camera of outdoor station and unlock

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Basic Functions:

The indoor station with video surveillance function. The user clicks on the "Security" function button to enter the prevention area state interface. In the interface, you can complete the previous page, the next page, arming, disarming and other operations,Also with lift control function. When the user clicks on the "Call Elevator"' function button, the system will enter the elevator calling function interface. In this interface, the user can view the current running state of the elevator and complete the up or down elevator calling operation.

Technical Parameters:

Audio Distortion:≤10%



Display: 7-inch TFT LCD

Working Temp:-20 ℃-55

Operation:Capacitive Touch

Panel Material: PMMA

Installation: Surface Mounting

Color:Black + Silver /Black only

Standby power Consumption:≤1.6W


Subject : V31S indoor station with IP camera

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